“Ave Maria” by Bach-Gounod, Professional Accompaniment Track


Downloadable WAV file in uncompressed, 24-bit/48kHz Stereo. Add your vocals and you’re off! Includes a distribution license, unlike pretty much every other site that sells backing tracks! (look it up)

Deliverable via downloadable WAV file in uncompressed, 24-bit/48kHz Stereo. Add your vocals and you’re off!

This track is not for distribution or reselling as-is. It is a studio-grade, custom track for a performer who wants to distribute/sell/post their own performance of the song. This is an easy alternative to hiring out a studio and musicians you make you a track to perform to. It is sold on a non-exclusive basis (aka, another cover artist may purchase this same track for his/her own performance). If you would like a completely custom track for exclusive (and/or re-sale) use, please contact sales@melodyrosemedia.com for a quote; it will likely be $200-$1,000, depending on complexity and you would own it outright.

The underlying composition is in the public domain, so no royalties are payable to anyone and there shouldn't be any copyright claim on your video. You are free to make/sell/give away as many copies of your recording as you want without fear of retribution.

S. Elias James will not seek any type of performance royalty for the arrangement or for owning the original master recording of the instrumental, as publisher or performer and claims no ownership in your cover recording.

Direct song requests, questions, and re-download requests to sales@melodyrosemedia.com. You may download from your provided link up to 3 times in 30 days before needing to e-mail me to reactivate it (at no cost).

Prices are based solely on the difficulty of track creation.

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